Winter League Rules 2017-2018

The Winter League Season comprises of 2 parts – October to December (“Opening 9”) and January to April (“Closing 9”). These rules apply to both. Pairings (“Teams”) of Intermediary Members (as determined at the start of the Financial Year: 5 April), and upwards age-wise. Juniors are not eligible to play. There is an Entry Fee of £50 per team, which must be paid in advance of the opening Sunday 15th October.

All matches to consist of a stipulated round of 18 holes 4ball better ball match play with ¾ handicap difference, off Yellow Tees*. If Winter Mats are in use you must play off them (and not behind). This measure is to protect the course.

The Professional and Captain have discretionary rights to begin their matches from the 1st Tee, and have priority. For all teams start can be at any hole on the course. However, you should not commence your game from the 16th Tee if you are likely to reach the first hole by no later than 08:20. The 1st Tee is booked from 08:30 – 08:50 and priority must be given to those Members beginning their round during this time. Please note: special circumstances may apply during prolonged, adverse weather conditions throughout the year. At such times we must play the course of the day, and the stipulated round will consist of the number of holes in play (e.g. 13, 15 – 18 as determined by the Greens Committee / Professional). You may elect to re-arrange your match at a later date, by mutual consent, to allow you to play 18 holes.

During such prolonged, adverse conditions all members are asked to carry where possible – in accordance with the club’s policy where “Buggy/Trolley Bans” are in operation. When in use Buggies/Trolleys must use the paths where present, particularly across the stream on holes 1, 2, 3, 17 & 18.

All teams should make every effort play the games on the arranged date. You may elect to re-arrange a game by mutual consent, and this should be played, where practicable, by the deadline stated on the official Start Sheet.

Scoring For each match:
2 points are awarded for a win
1 point each for a draw
0 points for a loss

*If a Lady Member plays she will be given 6 courtesy shots based on her official handicap, and must play from the Yellow Tee, using the Gents’ Stroke Index

The outcome of a match can be settled once a ball is in play.

We are operating an approximate 3 weeks on, 1 week off policy. This allows for a number of free weeks in each half of the season to ensure there are plenty of opportunities to rearrange matches. In cases where one team turns up ready to play and one does not on the date determined by the official Start Sheet (ie. Sunday morning through to 08:30, or as agreed), they can claim the match – and will be awarded a win. Bottom line, where no contact is made and only one team turns up they can claim the win. In the event of dispute you should put it in writing to the organisers and ask for a decision.

A single substitute is allowed in a team. They do not need to be entered in the Winter League but they cannot be from another team in the same league. Juniors are not allowed to substitute.

Where all 4 players are struggling to play the stipulated round on the agreed date. Singletons from a team (but not a substitute) can play either one opponent, or the team, to determine the match outcome.

A Live Draw to determine the Winter League make-up took place at 20:30 on 6th October.
Teams were drawn into 5 divisions with the teams finishing 1st and 2nd in each division proceeding straight to the Closing 9 “Super League” and the teams finishing 3rd and 4th in each division proceeding straight to the Closing 9 “Plate”. The teams placed lower down in each division will be entered in to the remaining divisions, based on points.

For teams on the same number of points the “head to head” record will decide their final placing. If that particular match was a “half” then the team with the best “countback over the last 3 matches on the Start Sheet” will be deemed to have finished in the higher placing. If teams are still equal then a further countback will be completed on a game by game basis. In the event of exactly the same records over the whole league the Winter League Organisers will oversee a “Sudden Death” between the teams starting at the 1st Hole to determine the higher placed team.

The closing 9 of the competition will consist of 4 divisions based on standings from the Opening 9. The winner, second and third place teams in each division will receive a prize. The closing 9 will consist of 2 divisions of 10 teams and 2 of 9 teams. In order to determine the final standing of each Division the scoring criteria above will be applied.

The Winter League Organisers reserve the right to make changes to the official Stroke Indices in the event that there is significant shortening of holes during the year (i.e. due to prolonged, adverse conditions or at times when it is necessary to protect the course). We will advise all Winter League teams in due course.

The Winter League Organisers have the authority to make decisions in the event of any rule dispute. At such times a team should write to the Winter League Committee stating what is in dispute and ask for a decision. All decisions once made are final.

Andy Boardman & Pete Hadfield
Winter League Organisers 2017-18
9th October 2017