New Torro Mowers arrive at HGGC

12 Jun

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HGGC has recently taken delivery of two new bright red Toro mowers which is great timing for the start of the season.

HGGC's New Torro Mowers

HGGC’s New Torro Mowers

The two mowers replace the ageing John Deere equivalent machinery. The newly acquired machines add to HGGC’s existing Toro ProCore® 648 walk greens aerator.

The Greensmaster 3250D has powered rear roller brushes to provide the superior fine, sharp cutting finish needed on greens and all areas around greens.

The Reelmaster 3100 gets the mowing job done quickly and the unique machine layout, with the engine in the rear and the operator out front, allows the greens staff to mow comfortably and productively.

Mike Davie, Head Greenkeeper is delighted with the new machines:-“The quality of cut is exceptional and is already evident in the presentation of the greens, tees and aprons. Members will particularly see the impact and benefits of the improved cut and specialist grooming units on the greens, reflected in the roll of the ball and increased speed of the greens.”

HGGC has high standards to maintain so it’s important the equipment they use meet their needs and less maintenance will be required.

Positive comments are already feeding through from members and visitors, stating that greens have improved in terms of consistency.

Toro continue to strengthen their position as the leading provider of greens equipment to golf clubs providing easy to operate industry leading cutting performance. Their equipment is in use at many golf clubs across the country and interestingly is similarly used by both Manchester United and Manchester City to maintain their Stadiums and training pitches.

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