Golf Club Membership

Membership is easy – and affordable
Hazel Grove Golf Club currently has vacancies in Gents, Ladies, Intermediate and Junior categories and to make playing at one of Cheshire’s best courses even more affordable we have the following offers for new members:

• No entrance fees.
• Reduced subscription fees for 21 to 34 year olds.
• Free golf for the first part month on joining.

For full details on all our membership packages please complete our Membership Enquiry Form or email us on

In the past, being a member of a golf club was perceived as a sign of wealth and opulence, a message to others that you were above them on the social ladder and that you were somehow privileged.

Not any more.

How times have changed. The worldwide media exposure of the game has delivered almost every professional tournament into our living rooms and has popularised golf like never before. It has brought us heroes (and villains) of both sexes, all ages and ethnic backgrounds.

The welcome onset of sexual equality has also had its influence. Golf clubs have changed from stuffy old boys’ clubs into vibrant social venues where people from all walks of life meet and play golf, and socialise together.

Golf is also a brilliant way to exercise and keep fit. It can be played by people of pretty much any age and the handicap system ensures that everybody can compete.

Best of all, it’s very affordable and very cost-effective.

Join Hazel Grove Golf Club and play just one round per week and you’ll find the cost is fractionally more than that of a pay and play course. A small price to pay for playing every week on beautiful USGA greens, always from the fairways without a mat or temporary green in sight.

The only concession? During the winter months astroturf tees are in operation, but with the look and feel of grass (you can even use normal tee pegs) you’ll hardly notice the difference.

And don’t forget, you get to use the magnificent facilities of the clubhouse as well!

Joining Fees Waived.

We’ve suspended our joining fees indefinitely to make playing golf at one of Cheshire’s best courses even more affordable.

Not only that, when you join your subscription will be calculated from the first day of the month following your joining date, effectively giving you free golf during your first month’s membership.

Join now – there’s never been a better time.

Superb catering, excellent service and prime location - in any event, Hazel Grove Golf Club is the perfect venue

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Our resident Professional is James Rowlands, an AA class PGA Professional.

Book now with our Internet Tee Reservation System to book tee times through the club web site 24/7.