Andy Beeley Catering

ABC – Andy Beeley Catering

Hazel Grove Golf Club has always been known for its excellent bar and restaurant facilities and has a long tradition of superb catering.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our steward and caterers: Andy Beeley Catering.

Formed in 2001 at Hazel Grove Golf Club, business partners Andy Beeley and Martin Swindells both have over 20 years experience in the hotel and catering industry, having worked in some of Manchester’s finest restaurants.


The restaurant offers a good selection of freshly prepared dishes to suit all tastes and has built an excellent reputation as great caters for corporate and society golf.

In addition there are many special events ranging from gourmet evenings and cabaret nights to social events, birthdays, christenings and wedding receptions.

Whether it’s breakfast, a mid morning snack, light or full lunch, small buffet or an evening a la carte meal, the choices are wide and our team will do all they can to meet your specific needs and requests.

At all times we strive to meet and exceed your expectations and ensure a perfect day for your event.

For further details please contact Andy Beeley Catering at Hazel Grove Golf Club on 0161 487 4399 or email

Superb catering, excellent service and prime location - in any event, Hazel Grove Golf Club is the perfect venue

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Our resident Professional is James Rowlands, an AA class PGA Professional.

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