Winter League 2016 - 2017

The Winter League Draw is now complete. Fun was had by all on the night we made the draw and we added in a few mulligans for good measure. We now have 6 months of winter golf on Sunday mornings to look forward to, “Bring it on”!!!!!!!!!!!

The Four Divisions are named after next year’s golfing Majors and below is the Fixture List along with the Winter League Rules.

Click here for Fixtures List

Click here for Winter League Rules

We are aiming to conduct everything electronically throughout the winter and we will have updated sheets sent out to everyone once a week. Please make sure you enter your score on the sheet at the club after every match so that we can keep on top of things.

We would also like to set up a social media site purely for the “leaguers”. Can you let us know what your preference is, please? Options are:

• Facebook page
• Twitter
• Google+
• What’s App, and
• Any others you can think of…..?

Banter is good, anything disreputable or bringing the name of the club into question will be subject to severe sanction and public humiliation on a Sunday in front of your billynomates … and definitely frowned upon. Good humour in all forms should only be encouraged!

If you have any queries please contact Iain Cole or Mike Stone, Winter League Organisers.

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