Meet the Club Representatives

Malc Shannon - President

PRESIDENT Malc Shannon

Affectionately known as Last Man Standing (amongst other things) but Mr President to us for the next 12 months – Malcolm Shannon is convinced that he was asked to be President of HGGC because no-one else wanted the job!

The role of President is very important and is charged with providing leadership and responsibility for the Club and Committee and Malc has pledged to do the role justice as well as vowing to drink red wine in moderation so as to help keep a clear head during his term of office! He was Captain of Hazel Grove in 2009, which, coincidentally, was the best year for bar takings at the Grove!

He is a very caring person, as most Members know (especially Winter League players) and takes his Carer’s role very seriously.

Malc spends his more serious side (yes, there is one in there somewhere) building websites, mostly for restaurants, and relaxes by trying to play golf and playing darts for his local pub.

He has also agreed to take over the role of organising the Annual Glove Competition and, as you are all aware, Vic Bradley made superb job of this for many years and will be a hard act to follow. We’re sure Malc is up to the challenge.

Malc will be a great advocate for the club and we wish him well in his year.

CAPTAIN Andy Vause

CAPTAIN Andy Vause

Andy was born in Rotherham, moving across the Pennines to go to university in 1976. He trained as an accountant and is now a partner in an accountancy practice based in Northenden. He is married to Pauline and they have a daughter, Kate who is currently studying towards her A-levels.

Andy joined HGGC in 1989 and used his accountancy qualification to good effect when he served as Finance Director for seven years between 1995 and 2002. He currently plays off a handicap of 15 but is looking to reduce this over his year as Captain – watch this space….!

Andy says:-
“This is a great time to be Captain of Hazel Grove Golf Club. The golf course itself has improved significantly over the last couple of years and we regularly receive very positive comments from members and visitors alike. The members are a great bunch and there’s always a warm welcome waiting for you in the bar.

I’m extremely proud to be the Club’s 2016/17 Captain and I’m looking forward to the prospect of representing the Club whenever I can over the coming year. Whether it’s Winter League, Wednesday Section, mixed golf, inter club matches or the regular Saturday competition, I know that I’m going to have lots of fun”.



Chris lives in Cheadle Hulme and is married to Mick, a former HGGC President and Captain. They have 2 grown up sons, Stuart and Andrew and they have recently gained a lovely daughter-in-law, Liz.

Chris spent 20 years working as an IT Programme Manager for Greater Manchester Police until taking voluntary redundancy a couple of years ago. She is now able to spend much more time playing golf and has a passion for travel. Chris’s other passions, apart from family and friends, are skiing, being a member of a very light-hearted wine circle and dancing (she’s always the last to leave the floor!!)

Chris has been a member of the Ladies Committee for several years; serving 3 years as Handicap Secretary and the past year as Lady Vice Captain. Her year as Lady Vice Captain has been terrific. She chose to raise funds for the Alzheimers Society and has had a busy year with lots of cake baking to help raise funds as well as instigating a very successful ‘Afternoon at the Races’ (organised with the help of very good friends), managing to raise a grand total of £5,125.

Chris dedicated many years as a valuable member of the HGGC Centenary Committee where she was very active in organising all the mixed competitions and matches as well as implementing her skills in many other projects. Of course there is now the forthcoming year with plenty of hard work and fun as Lady Captain.

Chris says:-
“I am extremely proud and honoured to be Lady Captain of this wonderful club of ours and I shall do my very best to ensure I represent and support our Ladies Section and the Club to the best of my ability. I have a great team of ladies who work tirelessly to ensure our section runs smoothly and I would like to thank them in advance for their continued support.

We are a very friendly club and over the last year we have welcomed several new ladies, of all categories, into our section. Coming through the ‘Getting into Golf’ programme or the Academy run by our superb Pro, James, is giving ladies – who have never played golf before – the opportunity to learn the game in a fun environment and alongside other beginners. I am hoping that we will be able to build on this over the coming year and that our Ladies Section will continue to grow.

I am looking forward to a fun filled year of golf, playing with as many members as possible. I know I shall always have good company but I’m also hoping for some great golf, with maybe a handicap reduction along the way!! And, with a bit of luck, some great weather too.”



Liam started playing golf at the age of 4 and joined Hazel Grove Golf Club in 2010 at the age of 8, during which he has had a thoroughly enjoyable time. Throughout his time in the Junior Section he has had great support from the rest of the junior members, the junior organisers and the HGGC professional. Currently Liam plays off a handicap of just 4 and his ambition is to become a scratch player by the age of 16 (watch this space)!!!

Liam has represented his county in numerous inter-county matches during the last two years and has also been a regular HGGC junior team player in the Derbyshire & Cheshire league where he has balanced county commitments with Hazel Grove junior commitments. Liam is a very mature, well mannered, and confident junior member and is always willing to support the newcomers into the Junior Section. He is also a regular competitor in the men’s weekly competitions and has represented Hazel Grove Golf Club in the scratch team on a couple of occasions.

Of course, Liam’s parents and brother are important factors in his life, without their support his golfing talent may not have been possible. Liam’s biggest fan is his very proud Dad Ian, who has pushed him to be the person he is today and who has been very influential in his development as a single figure golfer. Liam says his Dad is his role model. He supports and encourages him, drives him all over the country and keeps him focussed.

Liam says:-
“It is a great honour and privilege for me to be Junior Captain of such a friendly junior section. I am looking forward to representing Hazel Grove Golf Club and supporting the junior organisers with the development of the newer members whilst, at the same time, hopefully picking up a few trophies. I’d also like to achieve the success of my predecessor by winning the Derbyshire & Cheshire league as well as wishing all the Juniors, Captain, Lady Captain, President and members lots of success for the coming year”.