Junior Knockouts



First round


Harry Hanson v Joel Mathieson

Louis Shelley v Cody Hallows

Ben Greenall v James Mennie won by Ben Greenall

Lucas Mathieson v George Sinclair




Harry Hanson or Joel Mathieson v Louis Shelley or Cody Hallows

Ben Greenall or James Mennie v Oli Roscoe

Alex Campbell v Tom McCann

Lucas Mathieson or George Sinclair v Jamie Ernill






Ben Greenall & George Sinclair v James Mennie & Louis Shelley




Ben Greenall & George Sinclair or James Mennie & Louis Shelley v Tom McCann & Oli Roscoe

Harry Hanson & Alex Campbell v Lucas Mathieson & Cody Hallows



Entry Fee

£1 per person per competition



Plates of your usual colour


Handicap difference

Singles – Full difference taken from the white tee stroke index

Doubles – 90% difference to be taken from the white tees stroke index


Dates to be played by:

  • First round by the 30th June
  • Quarter-Final matches by the 31st July
  • Semi-Final matches by the 18th August
  • Finals by the 1st September
  • Rules for organising and playing
  • If you are struggling to get your match arranged, please contact me and I will try to help. If you do not play by the dates above, then you face being disqualified from the competition. Extensions will only be agreed in special circumstances.
  • It is everyone’s responsibly to fix the matches so make sure you get in touch with your opponents as quickly as possible.
  • I would like all the matches to have a referee so, once a date is organised, please arrange one or email me with the details so I can arrange this
  • Once a match has been played, you must email me with the result
  • All matches must he played in a sportsmanlike manner, any instances of unsportsmanlike behaviour could lead to disqualification from the competition
  • No caddies
  • Spectators are allowed but they must stay away from play and behave in a sportsmanlike manner to all players