Captain’s Charity 2015-16

My charity for this year is JAYMIE’S PHYSIOTHERAPY VESTTarget Reached!!

The beautiful Jaymie Cain

The beautiful Jaymie Cain

Jaymie is the daughter of one of our very own golf club members – Rob Cain. A lot of you will know Rob but for those who don’t he’s been a member of Hazel Grove Golf Club for several years. On 15th August 2013 Rob and his wife Louise celebrated the happiest day of their lives when their little girl Jaymie was born – she is beautiful. Just a few weeks later Jaymie was, unfortunately, diagnosed with Cystic Fybrosis.

There are more details about this on the ‘gofundme’ website but – in a nutshell – Rob and Louise are trying desperately to raise funds to purchase a physiotherapy vest which will help Jaymie (and her family) manage her condition in a more comfortable way. The cost of these vests are in the region of £10,000.

I’d like to go a fair-way towards helping Rob, Louise and little Jaymie reach their goal, there will be fundraising throughout my year but in the meantime if you would like to contribute please click on the link below and make a donation. It really is for a very worthwhile cause and our members are so close to home.

Target Reached

I am very pleased to announce that the club has contributed the proceeds of The Glove to Jaymie’s Vest. The total was a wonderful £2,600 from the Glove event and has taken the Jaymie’s Vest appeal past the target of £10,000. The club have not raised all that total. A large amount was raised by Jaymie’s parents, Rob and Louise Cain. However, we have made a significant contribution over the past two months to the appeal.

January 2016 UPDATE: The total raised by club members and guests was a wonderful £5,502 out of an overall total of £10,931. WELL DONE TO EVERYONE.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed either through the club or direct onto the appeal web page. Massive thank you to everyone involved in organising The Glove and to the members and guests who dug so deep into their pockets for the total. I would also like to thank Tim Johnson for everything he has done to promote the appeal and obviously for baring his legs during the Winter!

Future charitable donations will be made to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust or to a similar suitable cause.

Thank you very much for your support.

Steve J Jones
Captain HGGC 2015-16
Jaymie’s Physiotherapy Vest