300 Club

The 300 Club is a simple but effective way to raise much needed funds for our club whilst at the same time giving members the opportunity to win our monthly draw. There is a small 300 Club Committee consisting of Bill Dootson, Malc Shannon, Nick Taylor,John Blakemore and Debbie Wilson.

300 club members pay £10 a month to be entered into the draw (payable by Standing Order). Each month, half of the proceeds go into the “winner’s pot” which is divided into 5 prizes, at the moment these prizes are:-

1st Prize£220
2nd Prize£110
3rd Prize£70
4th Prize£55
5th Prize£35
6th Prize£25

The other half goes back into the club for much needed projects.

The 300 Club first started in 2007 and has paid out over £65,000 in prizes whilst raising over £65,000 for club projects. It is very simple to join. All you need to do is set up a monthly Standing Order of £10 into the 300 Club bank account. For details of the bank account please contact any of the organisers:-

Bill Dootson / Malcolm Shannon / Debbie Wilson / John Blakemore / Nick Taylor

Once you’ve set up your Standing Order we can allocate you a number – and then you will be entered into the next draw! Winning numbers are posted on the website and notice boards around the club each month and winners will receive cash or cheque. If you have any queries ring Bill Dootson – 07810 340531.

Join us now for a lucky chance to win and an opportunity to raise funds for our club.

Thank you.


 Draw NoAmountWinner
1st Prize119£220Michelle Holland
2nd Prize115£110James Rowlands
3rd Prize121£70Neil Harding
4th Prize166£55Angie Maynard
5th Prize197£35Simon Ashton
6th Prize206£25Lillee Ashton

Below are the 300 Club Members, along with draw numbers:-

Mike Keyworth101 Andy Vause 157
Kenny Thorman102 Nick Taylor 158
Steve Mobley103 Alan Hirst 159
Alison Bown104 Viv Peel 160
Andy Marshall105 Seniors Section 161
Rick Booth106 Trevor Keep 162
Marjorie Duffield107 Andy Robinson 163
Pam Knowles108 Vic Bradley 164
Kath Edwards109 Alan Jepson 165
John Carroll110 Angie Maynard 166
Jamie Pedder111 Geoff Leah 167
Trevor Harrison112 Malcolm Rothwell 168
Mike Billington113 Barrie Randall 169
Julie Jones114 Simon Ashton 170
James Rowlands115 Phill Thorley 171
John McLellan116 Geoff Turner 172
Phil Ernill117 Anna Ashton 173
Duncan Bown118 Peter East 174
Michele Holland119 Phil Hartley 175
Bill Dootson120 Eric Slater 176
Neil Harding121 Roy Campion 177
John Blakemore122 Mike Mason 178
Tony Johnson123 Joe Shelley 179
Ken Russell124 Alec Thurstan 180
Mick Jones125 Sylvia Hayden 181
Brian Pearson126 Gerry John 182
Ladies Section127 Kathy Glazier 183
Steve J Jones128 Ian Waters 184
Georgina Thompson129 Peter Dean 185
June Dawson130 Steve D Jones 186
Gordon Brady131 Mike Paxton 187
Jim Fox132 Len Evans 188
Derek Stevens133Alan Tunna189
Alan Martin134 Mike Coleman 190
Rick Gajewski135 Louise Enderby 191
Mark Redfern136 Paul Glazier 192
Chris Jones137 Jane Hill 193
Ian Tallents138 Tony Peel 194
Liam Fry139 Bryan Jobling 195
Dorothy Heywood140 Judith Hartley 196
Brian Saunders141 Simon Ashton 197
Martin Kendrick142 Ray Stringer 198
Malcolm Shannon143 Weds Section 199
Bill Oldfield144 Dennis Grundy 200
Peter Mann145 Sharon Garner 201
Roy Loughran146 Jim Buggy 202
Ian McGregor147 Maureen Silcock 203
Anna Ashton148 Kate Wardle-Davies 204
John Salisbury149 Lillee Ashton 205
Gary Lovatt150 Max Ashton 206
Maggie Morley151Jim Boyle 207
Jackie Dootson152Gordon Barnes 208
Ian Walters153Margaret Farrell209
Debbie Wilson154Fraser McLeod210
Curtis Fisher155Helen Brown211
Alex Borthwick156Anthony Mullen212